RECAP: Homecoming Week


Lady Bees Varsity Golf at the homecoming parade.

Nia Perez, Editor

Starting the school year off with a bang, Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School organized a jam-packed week full of events for this year’s 2022 homecoming. 

All these events were organized by Jonah Pichette, a BBHHS world history and psychology teacher and the advisor of the student council.

Along with Pichette, many teachers and custodial staff also helped make the week happen.

“Homecoming would not have been possible without a tremendous amount of help. From the custodial staff, teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, building staff, the sixty members of the student council, and so many more. All of the events that week were due to the effort of many.” Pichette said.

It began with spirit week, Monday: Hawaiian, Tuesday: Dress like a teacher, Wednesday: Pajamas, Thursday: Country, and Friday: Class Colors.

 Emma Caputo, a senior on the student council said,  “I really enjoyed spirit week because we all got to see everyone dressing up and that was exciting,”.

Students over the years have made great memories from homecoming. “One of my favorite homecoming memories would have to be from this year’s homecoming, [my] senior year. I especially enjoyed it this year because I was able to go with all of my friends. We met up before and took pictures with all of our parents there and it was sad to think this was the last one.” Isabelle Czajkowski a senior said.

Braily Collard, a sophomore on student council at BBHHS said “I had so much fun this year going with my group. We watched a horror movie and chilled after, and the overall experience was great.”  “When the events all came together successfully it was a breath of fresh air. I knew that the work was all worth it, and I knew that students and members of the community were able to enjoy themselves and have a great time,” Pichette said.