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Prom perfect: A guide to prom fashion 2024

Prom perfect: A guide to prom fashion 2024

Prom is here and that means it’s time to think about the most important part of the night: the perfect outfit. No matter if you want to go all out or keep it simple, finding the right dress or suit is one of the most important parts to prom.

Easter prom dress

Mens prom fashion usually consists of correlating with their female partner. So if their partner has a blue dress, they might match her with a blue suit. If their not matching with their partner, just a simple black or grey suit or tuxedo will do the trick.  Typically, they will choose an accent piece of their partners color; matching the tie, undershirt, or shoes.

Women’s prom fashion fluctuates a great deal more than men.  Social media has been split with the idea of easter dresses.  Some think it’s a great alternative that’s cheaper and more formal.  Other influencers say it completely ruins the prom theme and idea of prom is to go all out and not just wear a “simple” alternative.

Cost is always a big factor to consider.  Lots of people easily drop hundreds of dollars on their outfits. The average cost of a tailor made prom suit ranges from $300-400, if the suits are bought at the highest quality. Renting out a suit from a high quality store will definitely be on the cheaper side and it gets the job done.


Dresses can cost a great deal more.   A good quality dress can cost from $300-600 or sometimes way more than that. Lots of people also choose to get their dresses custom-made for $500-1000.

 An important prom idea is that though you can wear whatever you want, but many will agree this is the one night a year people can go “full glam” and all out.

Hair and makeup is an important aspect of the prom look.  To ensure a non-cakey, long lasting look, make sure to use long lasting products and waterproof makeup.  Remember more is better for a flawless look.  Hair is also a detailed portion of the look, often with fancy buns, braids, ponies, and more.  Keep a look out for trendy styles, as well as added accessories.  It is often common for people to go and get their hair done at a salon as well as guys getting new haircuts.

Whether or not some people are still looking for a glamorous gown, stylish suit, or something in between, there are endless options. It’s important to provide individuality such as personalized touches and creativity.  Get ready for the unforgettable night to dance, have fun, and enjoy this experience.

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