“Encanto” Review

Chloe Collazo, Staff Writer

“Encanto,” directed by Bryan Howard and Jared Bush, is a heartwarming, family friendly movie dealing with topics like insecurities, love, and family tradition. The film includes famous actors such as Stepahnie Beatriz, who plays Maribel Madrigal. This main character is an outgoing family member in the Madrigal family who was the only one that was not blessed with a gift. With these showcasing qualities,  Disney Studios did a good job of  portraying how important family love is. 

In the movie, the family’s house (referred to as the casita) has special powers because of a blessed candle in the house, able to respond to commands by the Madrigal family. Each member of the family, except for Mirabel, has a special bedroom that is tailored for their powers. After Antonio, voiced by Ravi Cabot-Conyers, has his ceremony to figure out which powers he has, Mirabel starts to notice cracking in the casita, meaning the house is starting to lose its own powers and the candle that held the miracle is starting to burn out. It is now up to Mirabel to save the family and the miracle that was blessed upon the casita. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda did a great job with  the soundtrack for the movie, coming up with catchy songs that will stay in your head for the rest of your day with songs like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and “The Family Madrigal.”  TikTok has even helped increase the music’s popularity with  a lot of the songs ending up on their For You Page. 

Disney has reused the plot a few times before. While not completely the same, “Frozen” and “Encanto” are very similar. They both deal with sister drama, rebellion from family, and display the importance of family love. Even though these plots are not bad, they were both very similar, which might remind the viewer of “Frozen” multiple times throughout watching “Encanto.”

Overall, Encanto is a great feel good watch for the family after a long day. I would recommend Encanto for the people who love a good catchy soundtrack, a family heartwarming plot, and an overall feel good movie.

Overall rating: 8.5/10