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Gypsy Rose is Finally Free

“I don’t believe that there is a single rational human being on the planet who would not agree, that what Dee Dee did to Gypsy was one of the most egregious forms of parental abuse you can imagine.” says Michael Stanfield, Gypsy’s Public Defender

Gypsy Rose Blanchard was released on December 28, 2023 from Chillicothe Correctional Center in Chillicothe, Missouri. She served eight and a half years in prison after being charged with second degree murder in 2016. She has recently joined social media and is “posting very millennial things,” says Lexi Zelinsky, a Junior at BBH.

Instagram (Gypsy Rose) 

The story of Gypsy Rose is a rather well-known one, although there may be important details that people are missing in the story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard. 

Payton Fuller, freshman, sums up the story by saying, “[Gypsy’s] mom had Munchausen Proxy syndrome, and Gypsy was diagnosed with all these illnesses that she did not have. So, Gypsy went on a computer and found her boyfriend, Nick Godejohn.  Gypsy and Nick planned to kill Dee Dee [Gypsy’s mom]. Now Nick serves life in prison and Gypsy is a free woman.” 

While the summary is accurate, Fuller is missing a few important points when it comes to the story of Gypsy Rose. For example, Gypsy Rose had to endure multiple, relentless surgeries and medical procedures due to her mother.

These procedures included: getting her teeth and salivary glands removed, and getting a feeding tube installed. These are just a few of the horrible things Gypsy had to endure.

Munchausen syndrome is a mental disorder that causes a person to fake illnesses or purposely do things to make themselves sick. It was not confirmed that Dee Dee Blanchard had Munchausen’s; however, it is to be believed that this is what Dee Dee had. “No mental illness is an excuse to abuse a child! Her mental illness might have been caused by past childhood trauma, but she still is in the wrong,” says Marcella Kolodziej.

When being asked if Gypsy’s prison sentence was fair, Kolodziej says, “Legally, I do think it’s somewhat fair. However, changes could be made. Her boyfriend got charged with a life sentence, which is appropriate, but I’m glad Gypsy didn’t get charged for longer. [Maybe she should have] even a little bit of a shorter sentence, if you consider her circumstances.”  

Marca (Gypsy Rose)

Most people tend to agree with Kolodziej, saying that even though Gypsy went through a traumatic childhood, she still needed to be prosecuted for the murder of her mother. On an episode of Dr. Phil, Gypsy Rose says, “Over here, I feel like I’m freer in prison, than with living with my mom. Because now, I’m allowed to… just live like a normal woman.” 

Gypsy Rose’s new found freedom in prison compared to her childhood, and now her new found freedom after being released, has been an incredible journey. Gypsy is attempting to show people how to rise from the ashes and take control of their lives rather than letting the evilness of others affect them.

Gypsy Rose’s story is full of trauma, abuse, horror, and because of that, some older adults may not understand teens and younger adults’ fascination with Blanchard. Gypsy Rose Blanchard is a distinct case of this time, different from anything else like it.

Gypsy was able to escape her abuser and survive. In a world where abusive relationships are common, Gypsy is here to inspire people and help them realize that they can escape their situation and she encourages people to get help.

When asked why Gypsy may have killed her mother, Olivia Still, a freshman at BBH says, “I feel like Gypsy was unexposed to places that she could get help from, so it felt like her only course of action was to kill her mother because she just didn’t know what else to do.” 

Gypsy didn’t have people to trust and rely on, so she turned to violence. While many cannot understand this, it is a very real problem.

In an interview with “LifeTime”, Blanchard says, “I started to feel like it was either her or me.” Gypsy has expressed that she regrets killing her mother. “I don’t think it was the right decision, I think that Dee Dee had a mental illness and she didn’t deserve to die due to that. I think she deserved to be in a correctional facility or get a life sentence maybe, but definitely not dying over it,” says Zelinsky.

“Gypsy would probably still be in a wheelchair and she could have even been dead because of all the procedures and medication she was on. But, I understand why she would be sad that her mom is dead,” says Fuller.

All in all, Gypsy Rose has been showing extensive gratitude to the people who support her and has been enjoying her new found freedom and fame with her husband Ryan Anderson.

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