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What’s on your playlist?

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Have you ever looked at somebody with their headphones in and wondered, what they are listening to? Well, everybody listens to different types of music, but not everyone enjoys the same thing. There are many reasons why people like various types of music, but people rarely stop to think about it. 

According to the article, “A musicologist explains the science behind your music taste”,  author Nolan Gasser claims that a big influence on someone’s music taste is the music they were exposed to while they were younger from parents, friends, or family members.

So if someone’s parents listened to a lot of hip hop when they were younger, then chances are that they will also enjoy listening to hip hop when they get older.

But one’s parents aren’t the only musical influence in a person’s life. Social media can also introduce people to new music that they’ve never heard before. Social media apps like TikTok can introduce people to new music from it playing in the background of someone’s video, or maybe a song is attached to someone’s Instagram story.

The type of music people listen to says a lot about them and can be a crucial part of so many lives.  Aside from it being a multi-million dollar industry, music can be a window into a person’s mind as different personalities listen to some seemingly bizarre music.  

Think about the difference between someone who listens to heavy metal and someone who listens to classical music, they can be drastically different from each other in numerous unexpected ways.

Someone’s music taste can also change throughout the course of their lives. Many times it can change because of current events in their lives, to where they can no longer listen to specific songs because they bring back bad memories or they just simply grow out of it.

A survey given to 30 BBHHS students reveals that 50% of the students said pop, 25% said rap, 7.1% said jazz, 7.1% said rock, 7.6% said country, another 3.6% said hip hop, and finally 0% said heavy metal.  The survey implies that the majority of the school enjoys listening to pop music more than other genres.

Pie chart of favorite genres                                                      

Students preferences in listening to songs or types of music change depending on what the student is doing.  For example, if someone is working out they like to listen to different music than when they’re studying.

So, if someone is working out, they might listen to “Bad Blood” featuring Kendrick Lamar by Taylor Swift, versus if they’re studying, they’ll listen to something like “Voyager” by Boygenious.

Music can be very influential in people’s lives, even if they don’t realize it. It can be really important to find a couple songs to listen to when a person is stressed, upset, or angry because lots of people find music to be a very calming.  It can make someone feel more comfortable when otherwise they may not know how to change their feelings or mood. 

Music can also connect people in many ways.  Seeing someone listening to an artist that one enjoys will make them more likely to want to approach them after seeing they share a similar interest. Sharing playlists on the internet to show off one’s playlist is one way people on the internet express their music taste.

Overall, the music in people’s lives can be very influential. The music that someone listens to can tell  a lot about them. People should listen to whatever music that makes them happy and not care what others think.  In addition,  share with others, because nobody ever knows what people may like.

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