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Time is Money and It Flies Away

Jim Rohn
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Managing your time is an extremely valuable skill. Managing one’s time and keeping a consistent schedule can benefit people for the rest of their lives. Excellent time management can help students get better grades, improve the quality of sleep, and stay organized. One quick search on the internet tells the story of people paying big money for help with it!  

Today’s students juggle school, sports, clubs, and work.  To keep everything organized and to get everything done, instead of paying money, it can be as simple as changing a habit to using a calendar to make life much easier.   This practice can help students get everything done on time, as well as prevent them from trying to be at three places at once. 

Having a personalized calendar with a consistent schedule, and setting alarms to stay on track, are both beneficial.   Ava Marczak, senior, says she is constantly setting reminders and alarms! 

Another important thing with time management is learning to prioritize and setting realistic goals.  “Always put your needs above others,” says Abby Hogle. 

Keeping a consistent schedule and making a routine, will help in getting things done.  Consistency is key to making an everyday routine.   Actually following the routine can help lower stress levels, better mental sharpness, and increase emotional well-being. Consistency requires a realistic schedule.  Trying to do too much every day will not be beneficial and may cause more stress rather than less. It’s okay to be flexible to make the schedule work, but once it has worked, try to make it consistent. People tend to function better when they are in a routine that works well for them. 

Avoid procrastination! Procrastinating gets the best of a lot of students. It is very easy to forget to do an assignment or not finish one when procrastinating. Although it might be difficult, it’s better to get assignments done before the deadline gets close. This will help students be a lot less stressed when assignment due dates sneak up. 

So make a schedule, be consistent, don’t procrastinate, and enjoy not being stressed, all because of time management! 



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