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Last season at the Individual State Tournament, the Bees set a new school record with 9 state place winners and 4 state finalists, will they be able to pull that off again?
Brecksville Wrestling

Wrestling is the world’s oldest sport and is unlike any out there.  It takes strength, discipline, and work ethic to be a great wrestler.  

No great wrestler enters the mat trying to make a friend.

While on the topic of wrestling, the Brecksville-Broadview Heights wrestling team is getting ready for another amazing season out on the mats.  

Last season, the Bees did a phenomenal job, yet again, breaking a school record of bringing 12 athletes to the Individual State Tournament.

Bees District Team Champions 2022-2023 (Brecksville Wrestling)

At this tournament, the Bees set a new school record with 9 state place winners and 4 state finalists, will they be able to pull that off again?

This 2023-2024 wrestling season consists of roughly 50 athletes, and they are all ready to rack in those points.

Head coach and health teacher here at the Brecksville–Broadview Heights High School, Todd Haverdill, says that other than the State Tournament, he really enjoys the “‘Beast of the East.’ It is one of the top two high school wrestling tournaments in the United States, and it is awesome team bonding traveling via charter bus to the University of Delaware.”

The Beast of the East is from December 16-17 and is having their 31st annual competition.  

Athlete Riley McPherson, junior and varsity wrestler, says, “I’m mostly looking forward to the State Tournament, so I can prove how good of a wrestler I am and get more colleges to look at me.”  

The State Tournament is set for March 1-2, following the Sectional Tournament, which is February 24.

Ben Hegler, junior and varsity athlete, says he’s most looking forward to the Brecksville Holiday Tournament, which is December 29-30 at the high school.

Last season, the team graduated an incredible senior class, with Brock Herman leading the way as State Champion and the 2023 Most Outstanding Wrestler of the State Tournament.

Brock Herman – Outstanding Wrestler of the DIV. 1 State Tounament 2022 – 2023(Brecksville Wrestling)

This year, the team is considered young, but according to Haverdill, it’s an “exciting young”.  Do they have what it takes to compete in one of the most physically demanding sports?

Hegler says the toughest part of this sport is the weight cutting.  

For wrestlers, they cut weight so they can get into as low of a weight class as possible, then they gain the weight back before the actual match, which gives them an advantage.

As much as this method can help the wrestlers when it comes time for their match, it can have a negative effect on their health. According to ‘The Daily Gamecock’, cutting weight drains their energy, which makes it harder to focus, sleep, and compete at their best.

So, the big question is, how do they handle it mentally?

Anna Madi, sophomore and Brecksville’s first female state qualifier, state placer, and state finalist, says that in order for her to handle the toughness, she likes to think positive thoughts.

Anna Madi – Regional Champion 2022-2023 (Brecksville Wrestling)

“You have to learn to swim in deep waters, the combination of mental and physical strength is the hardest part. The sport drains you physically and mentally during the entire season,” says McPherson.  

This 2023-2024 season will hopefully be a good one for the Brecksville Bees and don’t forget to show your support by cheering on the wrestling team at their various meets.

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