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School Does Not Promote Student Cut Day

They say, “Be at school,” but students ask “Why?”

No school Thursday, but make sure you are here on Friday. Wait, what? According, to the school calendar, students have Thursday, Oct. 19, off but not Friday 20.

Many want to know why this occurs in the schedule. Thursday marks the end of the first quarter, so naturally students have the day off. This day gives staff time to finalize grades and work on professional development, which comes at the end of every quarter. This particular day is going to be used for training on the student information system, switching from Progressbook to PowerSchool.

 The switch to PowerSchool is being made because it is more user-friendly, provides easier access to grades/attendance, and has the ability to communicate and coordinate with many more educational applications says Joshua Backo, Assistant Principal. 

Through predictions, it’s estimated by students that 60% of students are going to be absent this Friday after having Thursday off. This is because students don’t like that the schedule is like this and it doesn’t make much sense to them.  Mr. Backo says he hopes that attendance will be the same as usual.

3 students were asked if they would be attending school this Friday. ⅓ said no and ⅔ said yes. This gives an average of 33% of students missing school on Friday.

Many students want to know why they can’t just give them the day off.  The day is a regular attendance day because it is required to have a certain amount of days in and out of school.  It has to be balanced. Also, it occurs right after NEOEA  day when all schools in Northeastern  Ohio are off. The contradiction lies with the fact, that while students have a day off the week before, the staff also needs the grading day at the end of the quarter.

 Instead of getting Friday, October 20, off, the students are getting the day at the start of winter break on Friday, December 22, says  Backo. 

The Superintendent, a committee, and the Board of Education are all in charge of making the schedule for the upcoming school year. The committee is made up of teachers from all 3 schools in the district, and parents of students.  There is no one person to blame.  People looked at the schedule, came to a mutual decision, and so the calendar was approved.

They decided that this was the best schedule.  They considered other options, but ultimately decided that it would also be difficult to switch the schedule and give off the school day once the year had already started. Three different schedules were looked at to decide which one was the most fitting for all 3 schools in the district.  Another reason to stick with the schedule is that it can be very difficult for parents at the elementary school to find babysitting on a Friday with short notice..

Now that people know how the calendar is made, maybe they will look into joining this committee to help make these important decisions, so heavily weigh on the minds of people who want to know! Hope to see everyone here on Friday! 


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    N Y BarrettOct 25, 2023 at 2:48 pm

    Kendall your Aunt Nina enjoys reading all of your new articles. Keep up the good work!

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    N Y BarrettOct 25, 2023 at 2:33 pm

    Dear Kendall, After reading your article I found it very interesting. Very Good job! Love Aunt Nina