Cancel Ticketmaster

Chloe Collazo and Sydney Spicer

The critically acclaimed pop album “Midnights” released by Taylor Swift has been one of the greatest albums released this past year.

 Elamin Abdelmahmoud, a writer at BuzzFeed News claims“Midnights is an engulfing vibe, reveling in a synth-forward energy that is in the lineage of her pop trilogy — 1989, 2017’s Reputation, and 2019’s Lover.” 

On November 1st, Swift revealed that she was going to be going on a world wide stadium tour called The Eras Tour, not only singing the songs off of her new album, but also singing songs from her older works like 1989 and Speak Now

This tour release excited millions of fans all across the world, sparking an interest that has never before been seen. 

“For the past two months, the Taylor Swift fandom on Tik Tok has felt like a giant, global line party leading up to Friday’s release of her new album Midnights,” stated Casey Fiesler, a writer at NBC news. 

When the day came for fans to buy tickets, Ticketmaster had never seen such a demand for tickets. Therefore, when so many people ended up in line in the queue, waiting to get tickets, Ticketmaster estimated that 15% of the site interactions had issues, which angered many fans. 

A few days later after tickets for the tour went on sale, Ticketmaster stated that they would not be selling tickets on their website for Swift’s tour. “Due to extraordinarily high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory to meet that demand, public sales for Taylor Swift have been canceled.”

This upset many fans around the world who have been supporting Swift from day one. These fans decided to “Cancel Ticketmaster” because of their actions and mistakes. 

As of December of 2022, the cheapest tickets on StubHub, another concert ticket website, are going for over $1,000, a huge upcharge considering concert tickets usually range from $50-$200. 

Since ticket prices are over the top expensive for Swift’s tour, it is rumored that this tour might be her highest grossing tour of all time, most likely surpassing her latest stadium tour Reputation which grossed $345 million dollars, according to Billboard

Considering the concert ticket prices of Swift’s acclaimed tour, many will not be attending the concert in the spring.