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Easter: A Time of Hope, Renewal, and Joyful Celebration

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Easter Bunny and Chick

Easter is a time for reflecting, renewing, and rejoicing for spring.  According to Christian faith, Easter is the mark of the resurrection of Jesus three days after his death by crucifixion.  However, many people who aren’t Christian also celebrate Easter on Sunday, March 31.

Easter Candies Chart (Lola Stettin)

Easter celebrations usually consist of many different things.  One main thing people are excited about is the amount of candy they might receive.  According to BBHHS students surveyed, the most popular candies are chocolate, specifically Reese’s peanut butter eggs.  Also included on the list are things like candy eggs, Jelly Beans, gummies, and Twix, among others. These treats serve as tangible symbols of joy, in which both young and old can share in a moment of happiness. 

This holiday can hold many favorite memories.  According to BBHHS students, people enjoy going to their grandparents, easter egg hunts, going to church, or just being able to spend some time with family at home.  Egg hunts are a very popular and known easter event as well.  Usually, this event takes place at churches or other local areas, even sometimes at home.  Kids can win prizes from the eggs, often being money or candy.  In addition, there’s a grand prize or “golden egg” ; this egg usually holds more points, more candy, or more money.  The golden egg is usually one of the hardest to find. If there’s a grand prize, it’s usually given to the person with the most eggs collected.

An article by Fox News states that seventy-nine percent of people decorate their homes for easter.  People who decorate will often use dyed eggs made with fun colors and paint.  People usually decorate real eggs with their kids.  People use many varieties to decorate such as egg baskets, bunnies, and flowers such as daffodils and tulips. People often also wear headbands with bunny ears or find other creative ways to express the idea of easter.

When having an Easter dinner with family, a popular meal consists of eggs and ham.  There are many different types of popular easter ham such as Apricot glazed, maple-bourbon glaze, or brown sugar-bourbon-glazed.

Easter Bunny (Kukui Grove Center)

The popular easter custom called the Easter Bunny, has become an iconic tradition.  The Easter Bunny also known as “Osterhase”, was originally seen in German literature in the 16th century.  This tradition was brought to America in the 1700s by German immigrants.  

The bunny is associated with Easter because of its symbol of fertility and new life which reflects the themes of rebirth and renewal.  Part of the Easter Bunny’s tradition is bringing baskets filled with candy and toys to children.

Chicks are also a popular symbol of Easter.  This is because it reflects Jesus’s rebirth.  The egg represents the rock blocking his tomb, The shell of the egg represents his tomb, and the chick hatching represents Jesus’s rebirth.  Both the chick and the bunny were quick to be a part of the representation of Easter.

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