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School cafeteria
School cafeteria

As this year is soon to end, students need to start thinking about the upcoming year and choices of what classes they enroll in.  The high school provides a spectrum of courses and emphasizes a great variety of available subjects and electives.  Students should jump at the chance to begin planning early on a fulfilling educational upcoming year.

Many students, such as current freshmen, are excited for new classes to be available to reach their interests.  For example, Lillian Rawlin says, “I’m looking forward to taking psychology because it wasn’t offered last year.”

Students should also start looking at the available art classes that are required to pass if they haven’t already. Some of the art classes available to look into are classes including Acting, Art, Humanities, Instrumental Music, Music Theory, Photography, Theatre, and Vocal Music.

There are also regular classes available, which include academic, honors, or AP versions of classes like math, English, science, and history. For these classes, students need to have certain grades and will most likely need to express their interests to the teacher.  

Language classes are also available, which include Spanish, German, Chinese, and French.  Most colleges look for two years of language, however language classes are not a requirement. 

Class credits include:

  • English 4 credits
  • Mathematics 4 credits
  • Social Studies 3 credits
  • Science 3 credits (2 Lab Sciences)
  • World Languages 2 credits
  • Art 1 credit

It is suggested that students go into a course and stick with them.  The school tries to enforce a strict “no changing” policy because it affects class size, teachers’ assignments, and the master schedule.  Once students make schedule choices and a parental figures review it, it will not be changed unless an educational reason exists. 

A school counselor is also assigned to students based on their last names.  The counselors are there for any problems students may have and are also available for there for support and guidance.  Counselors periodically review students’ school experience and progress and will sometimes check up on them.  A vital part of this process is having parents cooperate and be involved with this task.  Students can also  make appointments with their counselor.

To meet Ohio State’s graduation requirements students need to earn .5 credits in Financial literacy.  Everything given and offered to students throughout high school will set them up for a world of work.

Students may also be offered a study hall,  which they may take or get rid of.  Study halls are included as a chance to complete schoolwork during school and give students an opportunity to make up work.

Planning schedules requires effort, goal setting, and studying various offerings. Students are encouraged to select subjects from various departments to create a good stable foundation for their high school experience.


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Lola Stettin is a freshman and first year staff writer at BBHHS.  She enjoys walking her dog and writing.

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