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BBHHS Yuletide Hunger Drive

All about the current Yuletide Hunger Drive and what you can do!
BBHHS Yuletide Hunger Drive

It’s the happiest time of the year! The leaves are turning to an array of smokey oranges and bright red. Snow is starting to fall, and frost is forming on the windows of every classroom. It is the holiday season. With that comes many festive holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza. People get to see their families and share meals, but for some, sadly, it is a time of struggle due to personal and financial issues.

Yuletide Hunger Drive is in full swing for the communities of Brecksville and Broadview Heights from November 1 to November 17. The drive’s goal is to help people in need from their own communities by collecting donations of canned food, pasta, and condiments. In addition, they also take hygiene and sanitary products to be given to low-income households. The drive has been active for 40 years and continues to be a way for students to help their community members and neighbors.

Cans from Mr. Jakub’s office for “Can the Principal.”

Genna Dachler, a senior in student government, explains, “The program was founded by a local Brecksville resident, Dave Mansbery, a past president of the Brecksville Department of Human Services. He also founded the program Adopt-A-Family.”

The schools have been the main outlet for collecting items amongst all the cities. The students are making a difference by impacting the families of their classmates and people within the community.

Donations are collected in each homeroom and then are taken to the principal’s office to “Can the principal”, according to Liya Sebastion, president of student government. The food and items will then be taken to one communal spot within Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Seven Hills, and Independence. From there, it is given to low-income families in those cities.

Dachler gives a helpful tip for donations; she explains, “Protein-rich foods are ideal because they are more filling and good for you.” Excellent sources of proteins can be found in canned chicken, black beans, cannellini beans, tuna, salmon, mackerel, and anchovies.

When people think of the Yuletide Hunger Drive, they immediately think of donating food and canned goods, but the drive also collects much-needed hygiene. Items like toothbrushes, laundry detergents, paper products, and soaps are all helpful donations.

Impressive can collection from Homeroom 227.

In the past, the drive has brought in over 20,000 items throughout our district! Each year the school continues to bring in even more items to help more families.

There is a competition throughout homerooms. Whichever homeroom class brings in the most items to be donated to members of the community will be rewarded and recognized with donuts or bagels. The biggest reward is being able to truly impact those who need it the most.

Mr. Pichette, second-year advisor for student government and the Yuletide Hunger Drive says, “It makes a world of difference to those impacted.”

What may seem like a can of food in the back of someone’s pantry may be a necessity to someone else. It’s part of being in a community to give to those in need. During this season of giving, everyone can give the gift of helping others.


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