“Going Once…Going Twice… Sold!” Local auction house brings the goods

Broadview Heights’ local auction house with BBHHS ties offers unique items


Yellow Brick Roads Auctions LLC. logo, courtesy of Melissa Mendise

The practice where people gather in groups to bid and purchase items has been part of modern society for many generations. Cuyahoga County has an auction company in Broadview Heights called Yellow Brick Road Auctions. With over eight years of experience in an auction house and a former college professor, Melissa Mendise opened the auction house in January 2021.

Yellow Brick Road Auctions offer things that you wouldn’t expect to see available in the first place. From signed Bob Feller jerseys to belongings of World War II veterans, the things they find can come as quite a surprise. They acquire some one of a kind items about every 1 in 10 auctions.

 Yellow Brick Road Auctions is run primarily online and auction items are listed on their website, and a variety of other things can be found on there. According to Mendise, their auctions consist mostly of furniture and décor from the 1950s-1960s and dovetail cabinets are usually the most popular. Yellow Brick Road Auctions will auction items in good quality, but mostly only furniture and décor and not clothes or anything of the like.

I had the television on and when I looked up, I noticed ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was starting and that was my mom’s favorite movie. It just made sense especially with the famous statement, ‘There’s No Place Like Home.’

— Mendise

But the interesting and sometimes personal stories that she encounters are one of her favorite parts of owning an auctioning company. Mendise said, “One of my favorite moments was when I came across an exact copy of a vintage Pyrex mixing bowl that my mother had given me, that I had lost. I found an exact one the very next day.”

Mendise’s parents held a great influence on her love for Cleveland history, and it played a part in her choosing for her company’s name. She said, “I had just sat down with a list of names I was still considering, but wasn’t sure about.  I had the television on and when I looked up, I noticed ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was starting and that was my mom’s favorite movie. It just made sense especially with the famous statement, ‘There’s No Place Like Home.’” The movie felt like an answer from her mom to help her choose the name for the company, Mendise said.

Mendise said she works with some assistants that help her out. Most of them come and go, but one of them seems to stick by her side; Joe Keserich, a senior at Brecksville- Broadview Heights High School. 

Keserich started working with Mendise earlier in August, he enjoys working at Yellow Brick Road Auctions with Mendise as well. He said, “I met her while working my UPS job, which treated its workers awfully. But when I started working for her, it couldn’t have gone any better. It’s really nice working with her and she treats me really well.”

Keserich said he usually works one of two jobs at Yellow Brick Road Auctions. He either helps Mendise sort through items, take pictures, list times on the website or he works the day of pickups where people come and pick up the items that they won. But Keserich said, due to his rather busy schedule, he usually only works the pickups.

Regarding the special items that they sometimes acquire, Keserich said, “For one of a kind items, we only find them for like 1 in every 10 auctions that we do.  For instance, we found one of The Beatles’ “White Album.” Also, an auction we are currently doing has some things belonging to a member related to Elvis Presley.” Keserich said that they find rare or limited edition items far more often than you’d think.

To get these items in the first place, though, Mendise said that she advertises both on television and in print; people then call for her assistance in clearing their home. Whether it’s an old attic or looking through a basement, they always seem to find things that are worth offering. Mendise said, “Typically we do 1-2 houses at a time. We host an auction for pickup every week. Clients who are wishing to put their stuff up for auctions come as they please, so it depends.” Their pickup schedule is flexible; the client can go to one of the pick-ups hosted each week.

Mendise said that owning her own company is a great experience. Working there is very hard work, but it’s rewarding; it fulfills her passion for helping people liquidate the items that they don’t need in their home anymore. There are many challenges that Mendise faces too, however. “Trying to understand the history behind every item, how it’s used, and its full working condition and service are some of the greatest challenges I’ve faced,” Mendise said.

“Whether you are looking for fine furniture, artwork, sporting goods or that one of a kind collectible, you can find it all from the comfort of your home,” said Mendise. For more information on Yellow Brick Road Auctions visit the following link: www.yellowbrickroadauctions.com