SZA Sending a S.O.S


Sydney Spicer, Staff Writer


SZA released a new album, S.O.S, December 2022. S.O.S has 23 amazing songs on it. SZA is a talented individual who has many fans around the world raving about her new music, including myself. S.O.S has taken over the music world by being number 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 for 6 weeks.

One of my favorite songs on her album Kill Bill. This has also been one of her most popular songs on S.O.S. Just Kill Bill alone has been number 2 on Billboard for 8 weeks in a row.

Another song that stuck out on the album was Seek & Destroy. This song has a lot of interesting beats and really stands out in the album. In addition to the song having great beats, the lyrics are incredible too. The meaning of Seek & Destroy is wanting to do something so bad but you just can’t. In this song she sings, “I can’t stand it, the urge is so demanding.” This means that she wants to get revenge so badly but she knows she can’t do it. In my opinion this is her best song on the album.

Notice Me was also a song that stood out to me on the album. This is because the beat and rhythm of this song is a lot different from a lot of the songs on her album. These captivating lyrics and catchy chorus caught my attention right away.

While most of the songs on the album I really enjoy, there are just some that didn’t catch my attention as much as the others did. One of these songs for me would be Love Language personally .This song sounds very repetitive and the beat doesn’t really change at all throughout this song. Not only this, but also, the song Blind on the album is not my favorite. Even though I do enjoy the chorus of the song, the differences between the versus it what sets it apart in a negative way from the rest.

Also, the album could improve on a more diverse outlook. All have very similar beats and there is not a huge variety of up beat songs that are slower.

Despite all of this, I believe that this album was really her major breakthrough album. This album got the credit it deserves, being heard a lot more throughout multiple social media platforms. Her music was heard a lot more with this album. From being number one on the charts to everyone knowing the lyrics to Kill Bill, this album has truly affected teenagers all across the world today. This has really had such a positive impact on her and I am so excited to see more incredible albums she will make in the future.

Overall, SZA’s critically acclaimed album, in my opinion, is very good. More of her songs to my playlist because they get better and catchier the more you listen to them.

I would recommend this album to any girl who is going through a hard time in a relationship. There is a song that everybody can relate to on S.O.S.

As a whole, I would rate this album 9/10.